Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween!

Halloween, such a fun day, got all dressed up as Hank Venture today and went to class. I was a little disappointed in the number of people that were dressed up on campus and by the lack of those that were in our humble little class. Out of the 5 that there were, 4 were on our team... so that is a win haha.
As far as our project goes, I am still working on some concept art as well as compiling a list of possible game elements to help out with the design side of things which is pretty cool.

Games being played: Beat Ni No Kuni! What a beast of a game, very good and would recommend to any Ghibli fans out there. Started to replay Fallout 3, oh how I have missed the good ol' wastelands.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Well, the groups have all presented in front of the industry panel now. It was pretty cool, but at the same time nerve racking having some industry people there grilling our games and giving feed back. I think that the Roly Poly presentation went pretty well and seemed to spark some interest from the industry people. Hopefully that is more from interest rather than confusion. I really do hope that Roly Poly Quest moves on and has the opportunity to become a real game at some point!

Games: Made the mistake of getting Animal Crossing: New Leaf... was a terrible terrible idea haha. (It is so addicting)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


So... change can be a good thing... it can also be frustrating. Our game sounds like it is changing again, which could be a good thing, but also could lead to frustration. Apparently we are going back to the puzzle idea and going from there. I am okay with this, but really hope we get a solid idea down soon so we can start doing some real work. I have just been doing more character art as of late and helping figure out some puzzle ideas.

As far as games go, still making my way through Ni No Kuni which is still so much fun!