Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Return (of sorts)

So it has been a really long time since I last posted on this blog, and well, that is mostly due to the fact that our game has been completed and published. Since we finished the game no one has really been in contact and no one has really worked on anything that is linked with the game... It is quite unfortunate.

However this does no mean that I have been idle. I have been working on some other stuff just for fun and to help improve my skills/portfolio. I figured I would convert this blog into a place where I can show off what I have been working on.

So here it is, a Cyborg model that I have been working on in Zbrush... the workflow on this guy has been all over the place haha, I will work on random parts now and again and leave others completely untouched... I really need to work on the face and body and leave the arm alone for a while. I plan on making a this a full body mesh that I will use as a portfolio piece.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The End

The semester is over, our game has been published, and the stressful days are over (well sorta). Our game went from being the joke of the class to something awesome. For the next week or so, we are going to let our game sit and stew, while we finish up the semester and any finals the group might have left. After it sits for a little while we are planning on picking it back up and making it better, as well as trying to release it for Android and IOS. Happy end of the school year and graduation to anyone that reads this!

Friday, April 18, 2014

End Times

It is the end of the semester and things are starting to wrap up finally. It is both an exciting and daunting time of every year. On the one hand it is exciting knowing that the school semester is almost at an end, and that summer vacation is right around the corner, but also daunting due to the fact that classes end soon and that everything that is due needs to be finished soon. I am pretty much done with everything in my classes which is nice, just have to finish up a few models for one class.

For this class, we are pretty much done and have officially released our game, which is super exciting! we were also the first group to release which is a cool feeling. So far we have sold around 15 copies of the game I believe, a humble beginning. We are basically just focusing on doing some hot fixes and graphical updates for now as we wrap up the semester. Graduation is coming soon, scary times!

Games played: Dishonored

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Portfolio

I have just created a new "portfolio" that I will be using as a space to showcase all of my creations! If you would like to check it out, head over to and look around. Since it is on blogger, I am using individual pages as the different areas of the portfolio. I will also throw a link to it from the main page of this blog.

As far as work for the game goes, not a lot has happened on my part. However, I did find out that our game has officially been published by Sony and will soon be on Playstation Network, which is super exciting!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

What to do

So we have some stuff to fix up some stuff with our game in order to get it run on Android devices. Right now, the tech team is working on getting those things fixed up right now. In the mean time the art team is going to work on getting the game art to be a little more cohesive, since right now a lot of things seem dark and muted compared to how cheerful the game is meant to be. Basically we are just changing up our color pallet and trying to make the game have a similar visual style to that of Animal Crossing.

Games being played: Titanfall (Punching people into red mist with a titan is very satisfying.)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break and GDC

So the last two weeks we have not met as a group to work on the game or anything because we had spring break and then GDC was the following week, meaning that half the team was out of town while the other half was not. I was unable to make it to GDC because of time and monetary concerns, but that is okay. I hope to make it there another year to enjoy the awesomeness that takes place during the event. As far as work that has been getting done, I have been story boarding for our opening cut-scene and that is about it. I have been working a lot on my other classes as well trying to get everything done since the end of the semester is creeping up so fast. SCARY!

Games being played: Titanfall!

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Well, our game is pretty much done (Due to time restraints) for this iteration. It is pretty exciting, but also a little sad since there is so much cool stuff that we were unable to get into the game. So despite all of the hard work that we have done as a group, we were unable to get the 3D interactive menu system in which is a big bummer in my opinion, I had been working hard to make a lot of stuff for it and now none of it will get used. Oh well, maybe for the next iteration we can get it in, and if we can then I already have a bunch of assets to use for it!

Here are a few things that I made the last few days for it (these were to represent sound options)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Updating the menu stuffs

I spent this week updating some more menu stuff and getting everything ready to be implemented this weekend. Here is what I have got:

We are working diligently to finish the game, we hope to start the main release process next Thursday! Get excited!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Building the menu

We are planning on releasing in the next few weeks, and because of this we are all scrambling to get everything done. The art team is working on finalizing a lot of assets such as menu screens and objects and a dragon. The menus that we are creating are going to be interactive and in 3D, meaning that the player will control a character that interacts with the environment to select certain options. Our plan for the main menu is to have a castle, a cannon, and a merchants tent that represent the things you can select. The castle represents the option to start a new game. The cannon will represent the option to continue a game, the idea is that the princess will get launched up to the level of the castle that the player was on last. The merchants tent will represent the options menu which will have other things within. I put together the tent and the cannon, they are looking good in my opinion. I believe that the menu will be a cool little feature that we are including in the game, and look forward to seeing it being implemented.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Looking Good!

Our game is finally looking like an awesome game, rather than something that was put together in a hasty manner! It is really exciting to see our work all coming together and to finally see what the game looks like with the 3D assets that the art group has been making all semester. We have put in a long day on Monday to attempt to have the game ready for release, and though we did not quite make it to that point, the game is looking really good now and it feels good to know that our work is paying off. Over the course of this week I have been working on a model and some animations for something we are calling a bumper. This object basically knocks back the player when they run into it. We came up with idea to use a straw training dummy that has shields that smacks the player when the get near. This is what I have got so far:
(I will probably change the textures)

We still have a lot to do, but we have been making huge progress lately!

Games being played: None :\

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Play Test

We have a big play test tomorrow that will see common folk and industry people alike checking out our game. It is a little bit nerve racking because I know that our game is far from done despite the fact that it should be nearly finished at this point. I managed to get all of our assets finalized and in the correct form to be put into the game, however they are not in there yet due to time constraints, so our game will probably be looking pretty lame still, but should have some awesome new feature in it. We can only hope that things go okay tomorrow and that people enjoy our game despite the lack of completeness. Time will tell!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Environmental Doodads!

Whitt and I continue to pump out more and more environment objects, and the ones that have been textured are looking awesome! I have continued to model objects that will be used in the environment as well as some of the objects that will be interacted with, such as switches and our "tilters." I think we are getting closed to making a full 3D level now which is pretty exciting!

Doorway arch screen:

Games: Payday 2 (with the lads), Hearthstone 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Level Building

Shifted gears for a little bit over the weekend and worked on some levels for our game. I think there are a few out of the ones that I created that are decent. I liked using slopes and tilters to try and create some sort of environment puzzle that needed to be navigated. I even ended up creating a tilter maze that is a bit chaotic to navigate haha. We will see what everyone else thinks about them come Tuesday.
I have not really done too much art stuff recently, but did make a nice looking pot today that can be used for stuff like leaves and what not.

Games being played: SWTOR, BrĂ¼tal Legend \m/ (You cannot kill the metal!)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Situation Critical!

Our team is in trouble... time is running out and our game is not quite a game yet. This is turrible, just turrible. Our professors came by and had a chat with us this week and basically said that they needed to see something resembling a game by Tuesday. This means that we have got some serious work to do over then next few days. We have decided to go the route of little to no story in order to speed up development time. We have also decided that everyone that is not on the tech team should begin working on level development so that come Tuesday, we have 80 or so levels designed, and the top ten or so will be used for the demo on Tuesday. I am putting 3D modeling on pause for now I guess, so that I can work on designing levels. Hopefully I can come up with some good ideas, so far I am thinking switch/maze like puzzle levels along with skill based navigation and some Sonic-y spring levels. We shall see what I am capable of with the level designer, fingers crossed.
I did manage to finish a fancy looking door model this week as well as some updates to the previous pillar model, they are looking good!

Games being Played: SWTOR, The Witcher 2 (the Roche side since I did Iorveth's last time (Iorveth is better)).

Saturday, January 11, 2014

It Begins (Again).

So it is the end of the first week back and it feels a little funky after spending three weeks doing almost nothing while trying to recover. I have to admit that it does feel nice being back at school, despite the fact that it is a little weird not having arms and trying to be a student.

As far as the game goes, we have hit the ground running, we are fleshing out new details and moving forward with a lot of changes that we have come up with. I spent some time this week working on some 3D models for environment objects. One of my group members Whitt drew some awesome pictures of objects such as windows, floor tiles, pillars, and other items that could be found around a castle. I took these pictures and started to make them into 3D objects. So far I have done a window and a pillar, and I gotta say that I do like the way that they turned out! Obviously they still need to be textured, but that is the part that I am probably weakest at.

 (It is a window not a tombstone, I swear!)

Games that I am playing: SWTOR (With my sister), Metro: Last Light (This game has been awesome so far! I feel like it is way easy compared to the first though).