Sunday, March 30, 2014

What to do

So we have some stuff to fix up some stuff with our game in order to get it run on Android devices. Right now, the tech team is working on getting those things fixed up right now. In the mean time the art team is going to work on getting the game art to be a little more cohesive, since right now a lot of things seem dark and muted compared to how cheerful the game is meant to be. Basically we are just changing up our color pallet and trying to make the game have a similar visual style to that of Animal Crossing.

Games being played: Titanfall (Punching people into red mist with a titan is very satisfying.)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break and GDC

So the last two weeks we have not met as a group to work on the game or anything because we had spring break and then GDC was the following week, meaning that half the team was out of town while the other half was not. I was unable to make it to GDC because of time and monetary concerns, but that is okay. I hope to make it there another year to enjoy the awesomeness that takes place during the event. As far as work that has been getting done, I have been story boarding for our opening cut-scene and that is about it. I have been working a lot on my other classes as well trying to get everything done since the end of the semester is creeping up so fast. SCARY!

Games being played: Titanfall!

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Well, our game is pretty much done (Due to time restraints) for this iteration. It is pretty exciting, but also a little sad since there is so much cool stuff that we were unable to get into the game. So despite all of the hard work that we have done as a group, we were unable to get the 3D interactive menu system in which is a big bummer in my opinion, I had been working hard to make a lot of stuff for it and now none of it will get used. Oh well, maybe for the next iteration we can get it in, and if we can then I already have a bunch of assets to use for it!

Here are a few things that I made the last few days for it (these were to represent sound options)