Sunday, April 27, 2014

The End

The semester is over, our game has been published, and the stressful days are over (well sorta). Our game went from being the joke of the class to something awesome. For the next week or so, we are going to let our game sit and stew, while we finish up the semester and any finals the group might have left. After it sits for a little while we are planning on picking it back up and making it better, as well as trying to release it for Android and IOS. Happy end of the school year and graduation to anyone that reads this!

Friday, April 18, 2014

End Times

It is the end of the semester and things are starting to wrap up finally. It is both an exciting and daunting time of every year. On the one hand it is exciting knowing that the school semester is almost at an end, and that summer vacation is right around the corner, but also daunting due to the fact that classes end soon and that everything that is due needs to be finished soon. I am pretty much done with everything in my classes which is nice, just have to finish up a few models for one class.

For this class, we are pretty much done and have officially released our game, which is super exciting! we were also the first group to release which is a cool feeling. So far we have sold around 15 copies of the game I believe, a humble beginning. We are basically just focusing on doing some hot fixes and graphical updates for now as we wrap up the semester. Graduation is coming soon, scary times!

Games played: Dishonored

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Portfolio

I have just created a new "portfolio" that I will be using as a space to showcase all of my creations! If you would like to check it out, head over to and look around. Since it is on blogger, I am using individual pages as the different areas of the portfolio. I will also throw a link to it from the main page of this blog.

As far as work for the game goes, not a lot has happened on my part. However, I did find out that our game has officially been published by Sony and will soon be on Playstation Network, which is super exciting!