Sunday, December 15, 2013

What has happened... to me

So I have been away from all everything for about a week now... This is not through laziness. On Sunday December 8th I went skiing some some good friends because it had been snowing and the skiing was promising. The day was pretty cold, but we were still having a fun time and finding some good skiing. With early season skiing there is always a risk of rocks and other stuff poking out. On our last run we decided to traverse out to see if we couldn't find some good snow. The traverse was rocky and patchy, but it was to be expected and was easily dealt with. However, going over one tree line in the traverse, there was something different. Instead of there being snow, it dropped off into a rock garden with some pretty large rocks. I watched two of  my friends ski into this and they seemed okay so I went through the gap with more speed not knowing what was on the other side. I ended up flying pretty far and landed directly on top of a rock with my elbow... it hurt, bad. I rolled down the hill a little ways losing both my skis but eventually stopped. My friends that could see me asked if I was okay, to which I said : "I think my arm is broken." A friend asked if I could move it, I could, but my arm flopped back in a disgusting manner that was in-human. I knew it was not okay and promptly had my friends help me get my skis back on so I could ski down. They urged me to let patrol take me down, but I said it would take way too long and that I would manage to get down to them (plus I am too proud of a skier). I went in to ski patrol where they were surprised to learn that I had skied down on my own. They sat me down on a bed and began to peel off my clothes and ski gear. As they took off  my final upper layer a bunch of blood began to poor out. They took x-rays and gave me some morphine it looked as though I had a compound fracture. They had me go down to the University Clinic immediately because I would need surgery very soon. I was very surprised and depressed to hear this. My friend Randy took me into the ER where they took more x-rays and prepped me for surgery. Upon second inspection, my elbow had been completely obliterated and my forearm was in pieces as well. I was told this was the worst elbow injury the surgeon had ever seen and that he was worried it would not piece back together well and might be much weaker in the future. The surgery was a success and went much better than he had first thought. They reset all of the bone and moved the pieces that were sticking out of my skin back as well. My arm now has two plates and about 24 screws in it holding it together, these are permanent. 
(What my arm now looks like.)

However something also went wrong during the surgery. A nerve going to my right arm was pinched, leaving it paralyzed. I woke up unable to use either arm... this past week has been very frustrating because I can literally do nothing for my self. My right arm is supposed to come back eventually, though the doctors don't know when. After a week I can use my hand though it is half numb... I truly hope that the rest comes back soon so that I might feed myself and perform other very basic tasks again. I spent about 5 days in the hospital under constant surveillance before I was finally released to my parents who had to drive from California. We made the drive back yesterday (which was long and pain-filled), and I am now at home where I will hopefully recover the use of my right arm before next semester start.

It is unfortunate that I missed the last week of school and all that it entailed because of this, and have made no progress on the project either, but I am basically incapacitated at this point. I will try to work some over the break, health permitting. 

Progress: none, bed ridden.
Game play: none, bed ridden.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Unfortunately, Kyle has been the subject of a severe skiing accident this weekend, and has not made any progress on his video game. However in the spirit of this blog he will continue to post through me, his personal assistant, Randy Malm.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cannon Fire

So it seems like our game is going through the ringer right now and has been getting changed in so many ways recently that it is kinda worrying me. It seems like waiting till right before alpha to change a bunch of stuff probably isn't the best idea, but it is what it is. I have just been working on some art assets as of late, and have been running into issues where I start working on something just to find out that someone else has recently finished it despite the fact that I had signed up to do it. I guess there are some communication issues occurring which is slightly annoying, but at the same time not too bad because then there is some variation in a few of the things that we are working on. The one thing that I did do that no one else worked on was cannons for the game. I made a 3D model of one and then played around with some different styles for it. I also hand drew (Computer drew?) one, but the file is on my other computer so I cannot post that on here for now. The 3D stills that I took will be bellow, and for those of you that see them, let me know which style you like the most!